In 1926, the make made its first appearance on the 24 Hours of Le Mans circuit. Two Peugeot 174 S were lined up at the starting grid of the classic French race.

The two Peugeot left at top speed and are placed ahead at the end of the first lap. The first hours of the race gave to the spectators a battle on the racetrack between Peugeot, Lorraine-Dietrich, and Bentley, all fighting for the podium. Peugeot seems to be doing well by placing its two cars in the top three, but positions are changing at every lap.

To prove the strength of the production car’s equipment, the capote of the car must be in place during the first 20 laps. This part of the race’s regulation caused trouble to the Peugeot n°2, indeed, one of the windscreen support broke; the car was out of the race. Then, the other Peugeot has been affected by a choke problem and must give up too. The two Peugeot 174 S disappeared from the ranking before the mid-race despite a very promising beginning.