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plan du circuit des 24 heures du mans
plan du circuit bugatti
24 Hours of Le Mans Circuit
Bugatti Circuit

Track map

24 Hours of Le Mans Circuit

The 24 Hours of Le Mans, created in 1923, provides a circuit of 13.629 km including the Bugatti circuit and main roads open to the public all year round.

1 La Chapelle Descent
2 Forest S-Bend
3 Tertre Rouge Bend
4 Mulsanne Straight
5 1st chicane
6 2nd chicane
7 Mulsanne hump

(319 km/h)

8 Mulsanne Bend

(335 km/h)

9 Indianapolis Bend
10 Arnage Bends

(80 km/h)

11 Porsche Bends

(210 km/h)

12 Bridge Bend

(230 km/h)

13 Kart S-Bend

(190 km/h)

14 Ford Chicane

(130 km/h)

15 Junction Bend

(110 km/h)

16 Pit straight

(277 km/h)

17 Dunlop Bridge

(100 km/h)

Bugatti Circuit

Permanent 4.185 km circuit designed in 1965

1 Main entrance
2 Dunlop Bridge

In existence since 1950, it is the Eiffel Tower of the circuit. Located on the bend of the same name, from it you can see the 8,000 hectares of the circuit, explaining the name Panorama.

3 Old Museum Bend

Redesigned in 1999, it provides great safety for the drivers in big national and international races organised by the ACO.

4 Village

Created in the 1950s and renovated in 2006, it is a meeting and relaxation point for spectators who enjoy restaurants and stores open here during sporting events.

5 Sports Module and pit stops

The control tower has all the necessary equipment for the race. The 60 pits are topped by the media centre, 65 boxes and a grandstand.

6 Ford Chicane and Junction Bend

Opposite the podium, the speed of the cars was too great. Henry Ford II came to see his cars’ victories in 1966 and paid for the installation of a chicane that bears his name.

7 The Porsche Experience Center

Open in 2015, this showcase of the famous Stuttgart bears witness to the common history between Porsche and Le Mans.

8 ACO Headquarters
9 Singher Durand Stand

The official grandstand in 1949, it hosted the media centre, which was at the time a very modern place for journalists. In 2014, it was upgraded to house the 24 Hours of Le Mans Drivers’ Club.