Innovative and futurist, the 9X8 is Peugeot’s interpretation of the more racy and more stylish cars of the new Hypercar category, the joint work of engineers and designers of the make. This is a single cooperation in the History of Peugeot.

Car lines are refined. Rear views are integrated into the chassis, which seems to have no air resistance. A large diffuser stands out at the rear. Some chiseled elements are accommodating the headlights, which take up the symbolism of the triple claw, and a rear wing… Which does not exist!

The lack of this aerodynamic appendage is an opportunity given by the Hypercar regulation. The designers didn’t miss the chance to create harmonious volumes, surfaces connecting the sides, or openings on the front wheel arches.

“A fine, sleek, elegant car that inspires emotion and dynamism » Jean-Marc Finot, Competition Director.”